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The story of Mestamaster

Mestamaster’s story dates back to 2017, when Mikko Hell – then Consti’s responsible foreman – saw the need to better manage his construction sites. Takt time production started to work quite well in some respects, but the problem was the lack of an overall picture of the construction site: what, where, and when.

Together with Kasperi, the team developed an initial prototype, which was the basis of the actual Mestamaster solution and digital tool. Gradually, the results began to speak for themselves: metrics like waiting hours, and steps running around the worksites improved consistently. Utility rates were at their peak and project managers were able to improve project margins.

We still don’t know where the story goes. What is certain, however, is that our customers and users have been proven to be satisfied.

This unique team combines solid experience in the construction industry, rock-hard expertise in software development and long-standing expertise in developing web-based businesses. This team is behind Mestamaster – a leading Takt construction solution.

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