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Complete hospitality
renovation projects 35% faster.

Hospitality renovation projects, where multiple areas undergo the same construction process, greatly benefit from takt time.


With takt time and Mestamaster your projects will complete earlier and more reliably compared with traditional construction methods.

See the impact of takt in our hotel renovation project reference 

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Not sure if your project would benefit from Takt time? Get a free takt consulting session with Mestamaster, and we will evaluate it together and see if Takt time is a fit for you.

Learn about what is Takt time, what challenges it brings to the construction site, and find out how much you could be saving by using this method and our tools

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Instead of executing a task (eg. painting) in one go, we split the task per space. The task will be executed when the previous team has completed their work. This way we minimize the time teams block each other

Reduced waiting time and completed units much earlier.

The advantages of Takt time become even more relevant in the hospitality industry.


Because of how takt schedules tasks, the first units will be ready earlier, potentially allowing your customer to use some of the spaces before the entire project completes.

"With such a clear repeatability, traditional production methods could not have achieved the same results in quality or economy. (...) There is a clear benefit to the client with transparent monitoring of the work."

Juha Haltia-consti.jpeg

Juha Haltia,

Project manager,

Consti, major Finnish construction company

Mestamaster is trusted by both industry leaders and small construction companies

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