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Mestamaster helps construction sites and workers with takt production.

It's not worth learning everything from scratch by yourself. We can help.


Takt time works!

Takt production is method that in itself brings a lot of efficiency to production. Efficiency comes from repetition and planning, in which the workers also participate.

Depending on the target type, different ways of applying the pace are used. Of these methods, Mestamaster has almost a hundred different realized objects and undeniable solutions for its functionality. We help creators get started with pace. You don't have to invent everything yourself from scratch.

Takt production promises:

  • Takt production simplifies the structure of the schedule.

  • Takt production is cooperation down to the down to the subcontractor and worker level.

  • Takt production only works if it is well managed

These are things that must be taken into account, from the preparation of the project to the weekly work between the master and the contractor.

We are involved in solving and teaching these techniques.

Mestamaster is involved in the preparation of the takt until it is completed. Mestamaster's task is to bring learning from the production process so that knowledge is accumulated for the customer. We believe that the best to learn is by doing real projects.


1. Bidding

In the bidding phase, a schedule is created to explain to the contractors the operation of the pace at the target.

Mestamaster leads the creation of this schedule together with the site masters.


3. Worksite start

The workers are involved from the worksite floor to the production planning 

Mestamaster participates in starting routines such as the foreman meeting at the construction site.


2. Production planning

After procurement, a workable schedule is made together with the contractors. In this way, the contractors understand and commit to the schedule.

Mestamaster leads these scheduling workshops.


4. Construction

After the project starts, the electronic work lists create autonomy for the work teams and gather information about the completed work. These tools simplify the schedule for the planners

Mestamaster takt experts prepare the project for the Mestamaster program for the customer, update the program, kick off the team lead meetings.

Our Takt makers

The best way to get an idea of Mestamaster's way of making takt is to arrange a short introduction, call or send an email.


We have extensive experience with different types of projects where the takt has worked well. We also know in which projects takt is challenging to implement

Mikko Hell

Mikko, civil engineer, eight years of experience in takt time.


In his previous life, he worked as an excecutive supervisor.

He is the founder of Mestamaster and has made different types of projects with takt; gaining experience especially in hotel, interior stages of new apartmenthouses and heavy residential construction renovation projects.

Mikko profiilikuva 62023.jpg

Tommi Mikander

Tommi is a HVAC construction foreman.


Tommi has gained experience with takt using Mestamaster as a foreman, and is now part of our team

At Mestamaster, Tommi specialises in technically challenging projects such as line renovations and offices.

Tommi Profiili 62023.jpg

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