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Heavy Renovation

Project numbers

Project size: 18M€

Duration: 9 months

Takts:  35 (one week takt)

Takt areas: 26 (96 apartments)

Tasks in Mestamaster: 554



The Luja Corporation is one of the largest construction groups in Finland. They are a pioneer in the use of digital construction methods


The timeframe for in-house assembly work was accelerated by an estimated one month compared to project's 1. phase that was carried without takt.

Based on the results of this project, more Mestamaster sites were launched at Luja.


Project achievements:

  1. Method to control takt -> workers' morning meetings were proved to be important.

  2. Continuous improvement of the takt -> The customer's quick decision-making allowed uninterrupted production. The morning meetings, combined with electronic worklists, allowed for better scheduling and quicker reaction.

  3. Self-guidedness of the work groups -> Supervisors provided daily work lists digitally for the groups, resulting in a reduced management workload (compared to traditional project size with similar amount of foremen).

What was done

The project was a heavy renovation of the City of Helsinki's rental apartments in Laajasalo. The renovation included the interior of the building, HVAC, roof, façade and courtyards. Of these works, the work inside the apartments was carried out using takt.

How it was done

The length of the takt was set to one week and the takt area to one floor. The longer takt ensured that the site crew, who had never tried takt production before, got the basic idea of the process. This takt length kept the amount and precision of the preparatory work in check and, when production started, there was a plenty of buffers in the plan. Despite this, the production achieved a steady production rate, with a level of traceability and predictability typical to takt production.

Similarly as in the other takt projects, a morning management meeting was used, as well as regular schedule review meetings between supervisors to identify any changes needed at the beginning of the project.


"When the schedule was created and it got improved after project started, it worked really well. I will definetely use takt in future in similar projects , Mestamaster and Mikko did really good job. I would estimate using one week takt, we were able to cut 10-15% off from interior works, which was about one month."
-Tauno Hiltunen, project supervisor, Lujatalo

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