Hotel renovation

Project numbers

Project size 7M€

Duration: 11/2019 – 6/2020 (7 months)

Takts: 100 (one day’s pace)

Number of takt areas: 400 (210 hotel rooms)

Tasks in Mestamaster: 9000



Turnover 300M€

Consti is one of the largest players in the renovation sector in Finland


  • Satisfied customer

  • Winner of the Consti Construction Site of the Year Award (criteria included financial results, customer satisfaction and quality)

  • Takt time is the leading working method for certain type of construction

  • Digital tools are an essential part of the takt control

  • More exploration needed on how to train takt and implement it more widely in the company.

  • Project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget

What was done

The hotel renovation included a complete refurbishment of the hotel rooms, including bathrooms. The corridor surfaces were also completely renovated and a airconditioning was installed in the hotel.

Before renovation


How it was done

One of the aims of the renovation was to minimise operational disruptions of the hotel. This was achieved by using a one-day takt, scheduled and controlled with Mestamaster. The hotel rooms were renovated with takt time. The renovation of the hotel corridors and the construction of the cooling network, on the other hand, were managed by the traditional way, taking into account the parallel works which done with takt.

The hotel was temporarily closed due to the Covid19 pandemic, allowing the pace of renovation to accelerate from two rooms to three rooms per day.

After renovation



"Bonus Inn was a perfect match for takt, repetitiveness between rooms was so obvious, also HVAC and side contractors were exceptionally well boarded into takt schedule. If repetitiveness is this obvious, there's no way traditional production methods could achieve same results financially or quality-wise. This requires commitment from work site management and contractors. Also the customer gets clear benefits from transparency of work tasks' progress.”

- Juha Haltia, Consti executive supervisor

Estimated duration without takt 11 months


Developed things

  1. Methods to control the takt -> workers’ morning meetings were proved to be important.

  2. Continuous improvement process of the takt -> The customer’s quick decision-making allowed uninterrupted production. The morning meeting, combined with electronic worklists, allowed for better scheduling and quicker responses.

  3. Self-guidedness of the work groups -> Supervisors provided daily work lists digitally for the groups, resulting in a reduced management workload (compared to traditional project size and number of foremen).

Project duration with takt 7 months


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