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Hotel renovation with Takt time

Project numbers

Project size: 7M€

Duration: 7 months

Takts:  100

Takt areas: 400

Tasks in Mestamaster: 9000



Consti is a Finnish renovation construction company that also offers comprehensive building technology services.


Consti was founded in 2008 and its head office is located in Helsinki. Consti has about 1,000 employees, and in 2021, its turnover was 288.8 million euros.


  • ​Winner of the Consti Construction Site of the Year Award, based on financial results, customer satisfaction and quality

  • Project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget

  • Willingness from the company to explore how can takt be more widely used in Consti

Comparison of traditional
and Takt plans

Traditional methods

Estimated duration of the project, using traditional methods - 11 months

Traditional plan with groups of 2 floors, executed at the same time. The groups block the start of the next areas untill all are complete
Plan with Takt scheduling

Estimated duration of the project using takt time - 7 months, a >35% decrease in project timeline

Takt schedule in which each floor is sequenctial, without groups of floors, allowing the work to flow steadily and reducing the overall timeline of the project.

WHAT was done

Bonus Inn is a Hotel in the Metropolitan area of Helsinki, near the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, the main airport servicing the Helsinki capital region. The project consisted in the renovation of the room units (including the bathroom areas), as well as the corridors leading to the rooms.

The hotel renovation included a complete refurbishment of the hotel rooms, including bathrooms. The corridor surfaces were also completely renovated and HVAC systems were installed in the hotel.

Old room with a small kitchen and its appliances, before the renovation with takt, with old 90s style furniture.

HOW it was done

One of the requirements of the renovation was to minimise operational disruptions of the hotel. This was achieved by using a one-day takt, scheduled and controlled with Mestamaster.


The hotel rooms were renovated with takt time, while the corridors and the construction of the cooling network were managed with traditional methods, taking into account the parallel works which done with takt.


The hotel was temporarily closed due to the Covid19 pandemic, allowing the pace of renovation to accelerate from two rooms to three rooms per day.

Newly renovated room, with a red brick wallpaper on the wall behind the bed, with a desk and a small open kitchen.


"Bonus Inn was a perfect match for takt, repetitiveness between rooms was so obvious, also HVAC and side contractors were exceptionally well boarded into takt schedule. If repetitiveness is this obvious, there's no way traditional production methods could achieve same results financially or quality-wise. This requires commitment from work site management and contractors. Also the customer gets clear benefits from transparency of work tasks' progress.”

Juha Haltia, Consti executive supervisor

Get the same benefits from takt time with Mestamaster

Do you want to know more about what Mestamaster can do for you? Try our demo without commitment, or contact us and let's talk about how Takt can help your projects and business.

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