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Plumbing renovation with Takt schedule

Project numbers

Project size: 4M€

Duration: 6 months

Takts:  130 (one day takt)

Takt areas: 95 apartments

Tasks in Mestamaster: 7800



Respect Project has over ten years of experience in change and renovation projects. Continuous process improvement is a key part Respect Project’s company culture.


  • Improvement of per apartment working times from 10 weeks (traditional) to 5-8 weeks (using takt)

  • Project completed in half the time compared to traditional plan (6 months, instead of 12 months with traditional methods)


  • Results encouraged Respect Project to start implementing takt time in all of their projects - not just in projects with clear repeatability - to increase stability and risk control.

WHAT was done

Plumbing renovation to 70s element concrete apartment building. The project consisted of renewal of sewage and fresh water lines, new surfaces and and water proofing to bathrooms. The walls were also redone because the old metal elements bathrooms were removed.

HOW it was done

The project was done with 1 day takt length, and a takt area of one apartment. The working was executed from top to bottom on each line. Almost all of the work inside the apartments was done with takt time, starting from the demolition.


“The use of takt time highlighted the need for good preparation of work. Design, resources and previous work had to be made ready on time. A good tool to keep everybody on the project up to date was to have meetings every morning. The one day takt length definitely showed its sensitivity and challenges, but it also proved the potential of takt time. Takt is a good base for production development.”

Jarmo Mattsson, supervisor, Respect Project
Jarmo Mattsson

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