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Mestamaster software and services

We provide tools and services for modern takt time projects

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Mestamaster Web

Tool for managers, a web-based version can be used for planning schedules, user management and task tracking.


Mestamaster App

The app version focuses on workers' own task tracking, where they can also add task-specific information. 



Changing your production style to takt time requires help to get started. We provide our experience from our own worksites as managers, and our current Mestamaster projects.

Mestamaster Web


Ease of use


Focused on takt scheduling


For managers


Providing real-time information


This version is primarily intended for use by site management on site. It includes all the tools needed for professional and efficient Takt time management. The web version has several different views of the schedule that are suitable for different situations and management methods.


Dashboard, which shows an overview of the project, as well as location, status and team-specific task lists. Planning tools for sketches, workshops and resourcing of projects.


Our available languages for web version is finnish and english.

Usable devices

Can be used in any modern browser, tablet or a smart phone.


Mestamaster App


Ease of use


Simplified takt time to a list of tasks


Designed for workers


Simple login


The Mestamaster App is a mobile application designed to serve as a digital checklist for workers. Its goal is to keep complex digital tools out of the way of workers while they focus on their tasks.

Multiple languages

Avaible languages are finnish, russian and english.


Users can use the app to update task status, add images and comments to tasks, and pause tasks and add information about the reasons for the pauses. During takt huddles, users can update the status of their tasks in real time to shared screens which speeds up meetings.

Usable devices

The app can be used on tablets and mobile phones (android an iOS). It is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

App is included to Mestamaster package

About software licence

Mestamaster Web and App are part of the software package offered by Mestamaster. The idea is that the more users are involved in schedule tracking, the more accurate a picture of the progress of the construction site will be formed. This makes it easier for site management to use the software and at the same time get the workers involved and their own progress of the work. Focus is to allow information flow and communication.


  • The license is either company-wide (group license) or site-specific.

    • Site-specific licenses are priced per Takt used on a monthly basis.

  • Includes Web and App versions.

  • The number of users is not limited.

  • The size or duration of the construction site schedule is not limited.

  • The length of the Takt can be freely defined (e.g. 15 minutes or two weeks).

  • Data collected from company construction sites is freely available to the company through interfaces to analyze, combine and save for later use.


Tuomas Talola


+358 45 348 3825
Tuomas (at)

Mikko Hell


+358 44 913 5409
Mikko (at)

Our Services



Currently in production. Available to regular users in Q4/2024.
SSO login is a highly beneficial feature for many construction companies that use Microsoft products and their AD logins to securely manage user access.


BIM integrations

Available to regular users in year 2025. This will allow our users to directly import their projects' IFC/BIM data into our scheduling software. 


API Access

Our users have access to Mestamaster's API to directly access their construction site data that Mestamaster has collected. Available for test users. This allows companies to integrate data from different softwares in their desired ways.

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