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Construction projects
done on time.

Reduce schedule risks with Takt time & Mestamaster, and get up to 20% time savings over traditional construction methods.

Split large tasks that span across all spaces into smaller sequential tasks for individual spaces and save on waiting time.


With takt time you will also complete the first unis of your project faster, allowing your client to start using completed spaces earlier.

Save up to 20% of time in your project and increase client satisfaction


More than a tool, a tool kit

Access more than software. Access our knowledge and expertise with Takt time

Mestamaster is more than a construction project management tool. By working with us you get:

  • Mestamaster’s digital construction project management tool for takt production scheduling, digital work lists, and takt control and monitoring

  • Mestamaster’s expertise, takt time consulting and support in takt production for construction. You'll also be able access our takt education materials such as meeting cards, sample schedules, guides and support for site management.

Mestamaster screenshot showing both the web and mobile intefaces, allowing overview of the project on web, and a personalized view of a person's own todo lists on mobile.

What We Offer

Our way of working makes it possible to coordinate the work of several different teams on the site at the same time, and to move from one work phase at the same time.

Scheduling tools for your project

Visualize the status of your entire project with Mestamaster, identify obstacles and problem areas faster, increasing your productivity by up to 20%.

Predictability for your projects

Get a clear picture of the trajectory of your project. Eliminate surprises by streamlining work tasks and tracking their progress in Mestamaster.

Smart Worklists and tools

Let workers and contractors update task status and see your project status in real time. Make your to-do lists smarter by implementing waiting times and work pre-conditions.

Get a free takt introduction and takt schedule example!

Signup to our newsletter and receive in your email a Takt time schedule example for a construction project, as well as an introduction to tatk time and how to implement it in a project. 

Trusted Among Construction Industry Leaders

From small agile companies to industry leaders, Mestamaster is their tool of choice, when reliability and efficiency are needed.

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What Our Clients Say

“Before Mestamaster, I ran around the construction site all day, up to 20,000 steps a day. With Mestamaster, the number of steps has dropped to 12,000, and I can spend my day more efficiently planning my work. "

Katrin's picture
Katrin Beqiri

Project manager,

"I am gonna use Mestamaster again as Mestamaster and Mikko did a very good job here, I would estimate that the one week takt trimmed the schedule about 10-15% on the part of work inside apartments."

Tauno's picture
Tauno Hiltunen

Exec. supervisor, Lujatalo

"With such a clear repeatability, traditional production methods could not have achieved the same results in quality or economy. (...) There is a clear benefit to the client with transparent monitoring of the work."

Juha's picture
Juha Haltia

Project manager,

Made by construction professionals, for construction professionals

We have worked on, and continue to develop Mestamaster from our experiences and frustrations with construction projects, and our product is a culmination of the lessons we have learned. We want to share that knowledge with you and help your projects succeed.

Our team

Looking for our mobile app?

Mestamaster has a companion app for your Mestamaster projects. With this app you can easily and quickly update the status of your mestamaster tasks, add comments, or report interruptions to the workflow.

Get the best of your project without stress

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