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Mestamaster Careers

Who are we as a company?

Mestamaster is a construction project management tool to bring agile project management to construction sites with Takt time. We are an international team (3 Finns + 1 Portuguese), with a combined 20 years experience working in startup environments, many with successful exits.


We have weekly company wide stand-ups, where we try to support everyone no matter your role - this means that although we have defined roles, we are also free to take on different hats to help out and learn new things.

We are a mostly bootstrapped company, and we have a sustainable approach to business - ie. we prefer steady sustained growth, rather than chasing for the next funding round like our life depends on it. We see this mission as a very long marathon, not a sprint.


We offer a service to our customers, and we see our software as a way to deliver it. This means we like to keep customers in the loop, with high involvement in our product and feature development. It’s not uncommon to have a quick call with one of our customers to ask a few things :) This also means that there is more to the service than software - we aim to deliver the best consulting and customer service possible, where the main goal is the customer’s project success. 


All being said, we have a heavy product mindset - ie, we’re building a product for all our customers. We want to create the best agile and takt construction management product in the world.

Why work for us?

  • You want to grow in your career and learn how to build products in an agile and iterative way, with a customer first approach.

  • You want to work in an international environment

  • You want a relaxed working environment, focused on learning, self development, and building cool things

  • You are looking for hybrid working environment - that values both the focus and time effectiveness of remote work, and the dynamics and creativity on in-person brainstorming and collaboration.

Open positions

  • We currently don't have any open positions

Let’s Work Together

Send as message with a short description of your experience, and we can take it from there.

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