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Heavy Renovation HUS Maternity Clinic

Project numbers

Project size: 30M€

Duration: 12 months

Takts:  96 (half week takt)

Takt areas: 54 

Tasks in Mestamaster: 3500


Peab is one of the largest Nordic construction companies, that employs over 2000 persons in Finland. HUS is the largest healthcare provider in Finland. HUS is the largest provider of specialised healthcare in Finland.


The site's routine for controlling the takt has been exemplary. Participation by the contractors has been good, which enables excellent snapshot of the progress of the site.

Problems with the timetable have been addressed quickly and accurately. The time schedule has clear benefits for productivity on site, above all the reliability of performance is excellent.

WHAT was done

In the Naistenklinikka hospital project, takt was used for the assembly of the patient rooms, including the corridors and most of the technical building works. The takt period was 2.5 days and the takt area is about one seventh of a floor (150m2).


HOW it was done

The takt was prepared together with the contractors. This was done during the preparatory phase by Vison's consultants. Mestamaster was involved in scheduling the work in Mestamaster, in the schedule adjustments and the training of site foremen and contractors.


"We have had good results with takt in the production on the site. In the beginning there were a lot of doubt among the contractors and site management, but as the project has progressed better than expected, the doubts have disappeared."

Roosa Närhi, site engineer, Peab

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