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Heavy Renovation Lahti Central Hospital

Project numbers

Project size: 20M€

Duration: 8 months

Takts:  34 (week takt)

Takt areas: 15 

Tasks in Mestamaster: 600


Luja Group is one of the biggest in the Finnish contruction industry. They are a pioneer in using digital methods on construction. Päijät-Häme Healthcasre Region organises services for the more than 200 000 inhabitants of the ten municipalities in the region.



The work in the hospital was scheduled in such a way that a critical path to the start of the works was found, especially in the early stages of the project.

Transparency in the schedule was improved and the contractors' understanding of their responsibilities in terms of the space and tasks was increased.

The site’s routine for monitoring the tasks was first class.

Hospital was handed over with zero defects.


WHAT was done

Various temporary hospital facilities were built on the site. The works were simple from a structural point of view, but the pressure of scheduling and coordination was high, as in typical hospital projects. In particular, the importance of organising and monitoring the technical building works was recognised at an early stage of the project.


HOW it was done

The project had appointed foremen who were already familiar with the methods of Mestamaster and takt scheduling. Under their leadership the site had a greater responsibility than usual in preparing the takt.

The project started with the usual timetabling workshops and ended with the start of the morning huddle routine. One-week takt was used on the site.


"We see a clear benefit of using takt as a way of making things more efficient, and this is also evident among contractors. The preparation and monitoring has been very successful co-operating with the contractors."

Jouni Orava, Executive supervisor, Lujatalo

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