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Apartment building construction with Takt

Project numbers

Project size: 15M€

Duration: 9 months

Takts:  76 (half week takt)

Takt areas: 38 (119 apartments)

Tasks in Mestamaster: 1594


Success was found especially in combining logistics and construction schedule.

Production on the interior phase was very stable, almost “boring”. This can be achieved when foresight and production preparation are successful.

WHAT was done

New block of apartment buildings were built in Espoo Henttaa, that includes building with 4 staircases and underground parking space. At Henttaa Puistokatu wre built 120 new rental apartments, which were finished in early 2024.

Henttaa havainne.png

HOW it was done

Tencon’s project was done in co-operation with Mestamaster and our partner Tahcon. Mestamaster was responsible for delivering the scheduling app and site support while Tahcon managed the daily support needs and morning huddles.

The work site was provided with following support:

  • Making the schedule together with site management

  • Meetings to engage subcontractors

  • Designing and scheduling logistics

  • Review of the contracts

  • Updates and refinement to takt schedule

Henttaa aikataulu.png


“We were able to tighten the schedule and get benefits on leadthrough, especially in the manoeuvrability and traceability of the schedule. Interior phase manager says it would be hard to think doing a similar project without Takt and Mestamaster.”

Miika Puukka, Tencon site supervisor

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