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Apartment building construction with Takt

Project numbers

Project size: 7M€

Duration: 5 months

Takts:  18 (one week takt)

Takt areas: 14 (79 apartments)

Tasks in Mestamaster: 386



Hartela is a family company operating in whole Finland, one of the oldest construction companies. Hartela operates in all types of new construction projects.


Due to the good experiences in this pilot, takt and Mestamaster have been since implemented to several other Hartela projects.

Project was finished on time, despite the absences caused by Covid19 lockdown.

WHAT was done

The project was new apartment building in Oulu, Finland, that's purpose was an elderly care rental building. The first floors of the building has business premises and common areas for the residents.

Phases of the project. In March first version of the takt schedule, April Mestamaster kick-off session and schedule improvement, in May Third schedule improvement. June and July and August are Procurement. August to Novemeber Meetings with various subcontractors, and Novemebre Internal construction phase begins, as well as Mestamaster training. In March Plan was completed.

HOW it was done

One week takt was chosen for the project, this was agreed with the site management to enable easy start for learning the process and practices.
Indoor phase, the building of the actual apartments, was put into takt schedule, starting from light walls in living and bathroom spaces.

A Takt time schedule, with 7h and 8th takt skipped. The Takt trains were "Drywall frame and 1st part", "HVAC installation", "Drywall finnishing and dypsum ceilings", "Waterproofing/leveling", "Tiling walls/painting", "Plumbing pressure test/ Electricitiy board, etc", "Lower cieling and panneling / fixed furniture", "floor laminating", "HVAC fictures", and finaly "Electric fixtures". The tasks are color coded if they are dry spaces or bathroom tasks. Each train is repeated across multiple spaces.


"The best functioning part of the project was the participating the subcontractors. Morning huddles were kept once a week, Mestamaster was really good at providing the status snapshots per takt. Project was running really well, until the end when Covid forced a lot of absences, I will use takt and Mestamaster also in future projects."

Kari Väisänen, Hartela site supervisor

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